Galvalume Standing Seam

GALVALUME Plus® Standing Seam

GALVALUME PLUS® is the most popular among South Texas Homeowners. GALVALUME® is the trade name for a patented sheet steel product having a coating of corrosion-resistant aluminum-zinc alloy applied by a continuous hot dipping process.

The alloy coating of aluminum and zinc combines the best properties of both metals. It has the corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance, and heat reflectivity characteristic of aluminum coatings, with the formability and galvanic protection of cut edges characteristic of zinc coatings.

GALVALUME® has a 20 year warranty against rust perforation.



Painted Standing Seam

PaintedStanding Seam Metal Roofing

Standing Seam metal roofing is the most popular choice for homeowners when replacing an existing roof or new construction. Standing Seam has proven to be one of the most durable and longest lasting roofing systems for centuries. It is also one of the most wind resistant and watertight roofs available.

Our 24ga Painted Standing Seam roofs have a baked enamel Kynar500 / Hylar5000 paint finish with the new premium cool coating from BASF called Ultra-Cool. It is a heat reflective coating that out performs all other metal paints on the market today. Because it reflects more heat, you get an energy efficient roof that will retain its color and last longer. We have 30 different colors to choose from, and all are backed with a Lifetime Transferable warranty.



Stone Coated Steel Tile

Stone Coated Steel Tile

In 1971 Gerard began manufacturing a re-engineered stone-coated steel roof panel, with improved adhesives and stylish designs. Their innovations on a good idea have helped build an industry.

All Gerard products have a base material of pre-painted GALVALUME® coil steel. The attractive Gerard Tile profile provides the aesthetics of traditional tile without the excessive weight. The Gerard Shake has a stepped and grained profile which simulates the natural elegance of traditional hand-split wood shake. Crushed and graded stone granules are bonded to the steel panels with an internationally proven acrylic resin formula. A clear acrylic overglaze is applied and then oven curing completes the process. The underside of the panels are protected with a final coat of polyester paint.